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Themes - Discord Addons

Here you can access to all themes previews and download links, click on an image to resize it.

Downloading from GitHub means you can apply them with all BetterDiscord, Powercord and Stylus! If you're using BetterDiscord, you should check the official download links.

NEW! Classic Sending

A simple minitheme that shows a small text (like edited) next to the message instead of graying when it's sending, just like classic messaging. Text is customizable in the theme file.

Opera GX Gaming Theme (OFFICIAL!)

WARNING: The best theme of Discord Addons!!! A gaming theme inspired by Opera GX supporting both default themes and a maximum amount of official plugins. Also supports some other Discord pages like login screen and Discord Developer Portal on browser.

Theme Thumbnail - See a preview here (OGGT:236)


Do you know the hidden AMOLED dark theme on Android with the full black background? Just click 10 times on "Dark theme" in your appearance settings! But you want this theme on PC but it's unavailable? Great news, now it's available! You can download this theme and enjoy using the AMOLED dark theme on PC!

Preview: ADT:299

AMOLED Dark Theme Optimized

This Optimized version of AMOLED Dark Theme changes all backgrounds to full dark.

Preview: ADTO:199

Always Display Channel Buttons

Allows you to see what buttons you have for each channel without hovering on it. Useful to test some channel settings.

Preview: ADCB:5

Blur Account Informations

This mini-theme allows you to hide your email adress and other things in your Account Card when you enter in Discord's User Settings without enabling Streamer Mode. This theme has also some settings in the theme file. Similar theme: YouTube Blur Emails.

Preview: BAI:1

Compact Channels and MemberList

Compact Channellist and Memberlist. This is a customizable theme, you can change some variables in the theme file.

Preview: CC:10

ContextMenus Old Style

You don't like the new Discord update that changed background colors when you hover on an option in a contextmenu? This theme allows you to go back to the old contextmenus update. This doesn't break any plugin, it changes only some colors just for appearance.

Theme Thumbnail from YTGamer/bdthemes (CMOS:3)

Custom Font

Allows you to change the font used in all your Discord interface and the font for codelines/codeblocks. Similar theme: Custom Font for Browser.

Preview: CF:8

Green SpotifyControls

Allows you to easily change all colors and background colors for the SpotifyControls plugin. Change the colors in the theme file.

Preview: GSC:1

Remove Nitro Tab

Hides the Nitro channel in private channels list, but you can use Alt + Up/Down Arrows shortcuts (for Windows) to access to it.

Preview: RNT:1 - Image from YTGamer/bdthemes

Serverlist At Bottom

Moves the serverlist at the bottom, like Guilded. Supports ONLY with these themes:

Preview: SAB:9

Show full original message in Replies

Allows you to directly show the full original message in long inline replies.

Preview: SFOMIR:1

Textarea Max Height Modifier

Are you bored with the small space that Discord allows in textareas when you're writing long messages? This customizable theme allows you to modify the max height. You'll have more text shown in your textarea!

Preview: TMHM:2

Typing At Top Of Chat Box (chatbox = textarea)

Moves the "Someone is typing…" and some other things at the top of the textarea. Just like on mobile!

Preview: TATOCB:2


A bit complex to understand, but it allows you to highly customize some parts of your UI, and with some other settings.

Preview: UT00AU:7

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